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Saliva PCR Test

Leave doubts behind without leaving the house

IGLS has released a new saliva PCR test with the aim of enabling detection of COVID-19 without leaving the house.


The patient conveniently collects their own sample from home, preventing any risks associated with travelling outside of the house.


The test is done with a simple saliva sample, which means the patient avoids the discomfort of the nasopharyngeal swab.

Results in 24 hours.

After the sample has been sent, we only require one day to examine it and give the patient the results.

What is the Saliva PCR?

Who is this test intended for?


Any person who has symptoms associated with COVID-19


Any person who has been in contact with an infected person. This means being near a positive patient for at least 15 minutes without a face mask.


For anyone who would like to ensure that they are not currently infected, including if they are asymptomatic.

Early Stages

For people who have not yet begun to show symptoms and are in the early stages.

What steps do I take?

01. Request kit

Click on this link to buy the kit easily through our website.

02. Get the kit delivered to your door

In 24-48 hours, the patient will receive the kit at home through our courier service.

03. Collect the sample

Once the sample has been collected, the patient must fill out the form for pickup by clicking here. Once the form is complete, the kit will be picked up within 24 hours (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays). Our courier service will get in contact beforehand to arrange the best time for pickup.

04. Results

You will receive an email with the results the day after returning the sample.

Frequently Asked Questions

Like any PCR, the reliability of the saliva test is close to 100%omo cualquier PCR, la fiabilidad del test en saliva es cercana al 100%.
Thirty minutes prior to the test is sufficient. The most important thing is to make sure you have not used mouthwash.
Convenience when collecting the sample and the fact that saliva samples are very stable even at room temperature.
Yes, the kit does not contain any reagent that will cause it to expire.
No. The person to use the test can be different from the one who purchased it.
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