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The patient conveniently collects their own sample from home, preventing any risks associated with travelling outside of the house.

The test is done with a simple saliva sample, which means the patient avoids the discomfort of the nasopharyngeal swab.

Results in 24 hours.
After the sample has been sent, we only require one day to examine it and give the patient the results.



What steps do I take?

Request kit:

Request the sample collection kit easily through our website.

Get the kit delivered to your door:

In 24-48 hours, the patient will receive the sample collection kit at home through our courier service.

Sample collection:

Collect the sample easily following the instructions included in the kit. After collecting the sample, you must fill out the pickup form by clicking here PCR Pickup. Once the form is complete, the kit will be picked up within 24 hours. Our courier service will contact you beforehand to arrange the best time for pickup.


24 hours after we receive the sample, you will be able to consult your results on our website.

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