A Comprehensive Approach to Endometrial Health with a Single Biopsy

In the field of assisted reproduction, a detailed analysis of the endometrium is crucial for the success of the treatment. Queendom®, through a single endometrial biopsy, offers three critical tests: ER Map®, MicroBioMap®, and Im Map®, providing a comprehensive overview of endometrial health. This article highlights how this innovative comprehensive approach can significantly improve the chances of success in fertility treatments.

ER Map®:

Identifying the Optimal Implantation Window The first component of Queendom® is the ER Map®, a test that determines the ideal timing for embryo transfer by identifying the specific implantation window of each patient. This test is essential to ensure that the embryo transfer is performed at the time when the endometrium is most receptive, thereby increasing the chances of successful implantation.


Comprehensive Analysis of the Endometrial Environment The second analysis performed from the same biopsy is MicroBioMap®, which provides an exhaustive study of the endometrial environment. This test assesses the presence of pathogenic microorganisms and beneficial flora, offering crucial information that the doctor needs to optimize reproductive treatment and improve the endometrial environment for implantation.

Im Map®:

Evaluation of the Maternal Endometrial Immune Profile Finally, Im Map® completes the set of tests of Queendom®. This test examines and describes the maternal endometrial immune profile, a key factor for embryo development. The results of Im Map® assist doctors in defining the best immunological therapy, tailoring treatment to the specific immunological needs of each patient.


Queendom® represents a revolution in fertility treatment, by offering a complete evaluation of endometrial health with a single biopsy. This comprehensive strategy, which includes ER Map®, MicroBioMap®, and Im Map®, provides a solid foundation for more informed clinical decisions and personalized treatments, increasing the chances of success on the path to conception. With Queendom®, couples now have access to a powerful tool that thoroughly addresses the complex challenges of fertility.